A cone is simple. Fundamental. Universal. Basic. Elementary. It is a shape. A volume. A range of possibility. A light beam. A bull horn. A teepee. A turret. Cones happen when raindrops hit puddles. Cones happen when jets break the sound barrier. The natural re-occurrence of this general form unbound by scale or structure speaks to it’s beauty, it’s elegance, and it’s downright usefulness. We aim to be as practical.

CONE ARCHITECTURE was founded in Seattle around a core group of individuals looking to make a collective impact on the future of housing. As a team, we are committed to making Architecture that is relevant, responsive, and respectful to the needs of our clients and communities.  In an effort to create the best buildings possible, Cone prides itself on a collaborative practice; one in which ideas are shared freely, and concepts and design solutions are improved by the group.

The underlying principles that guide our work are rooted in the tenets of simplicity. We seek to produce work that is not only clear and understandable, but also timeless and inspiring – Architecture that speaks eloquently and for itself.