Najela Shamah

BA in Arch., Northwest College of Art

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Najela spent most of her formative years as the “new girl” in schools, relocating frequently inside of the United States as a child of military parents. Completing her degree in Architecture in Washington, she started work within the field, as a showroom manager and later, a creative director of design-build firm.  Combining her degree with visual communications, she carried her skills to Las Vegas and San Diego, working within hospitality and editorial arenas. Years later, Najela returns to Washington state and to her original love of design, working with Cone Architecture.

Currently supporting Cone in all things operational, anything from office-culture building, marketing and project management, Najela embraces the ever-changing days at the office.

Outside of work, Najela seeks to nurture her addiction for good vibes and traveling to sunny places.