10th Ave Townhomes

Located one block East of Broadway in the heart of Capitol Hill, these townhomes seek to strike a balance of scale and character between the single family homes on the east side of 10th and the apartment buildings on the west side. The eight units are arranged in clusters of two, connected by second floor amenity decks concealing parking below. This second floor deck space expands each unit’s living level to the outdoors, promotes community interaction between neighbors, and retains light and air space for adjacent buildings. The use of brick, large windows, and front yard landscaping tie the project to the street edge and to the residential character of Capitol Hill.

  • Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
  • Lot Size: 7,950 sf
  • Zoning: LR3
  • Unit Type: TH
  • Unit Count: 8
  • Square Footage: 11,920 sf
  • Typical Unit Size: 1400 sf
  • Site Character: Midblock Urban Infill
  • Project Status: Scheduled Completion Fall 2018