5th Ave 5 Pack

This project takes design cues from the strong existing multi-family street edge, specifically responding to the 1920’s brick apartment building to the south through a modernization of materials, glazing and detailing.  The location of the site, on the east side of Queen Anne, positions the project to capture views in nearly all directions.  180° views of Lake Union will be visible to the east, along with views of downtown and the Space Needle to the south.

  • Neighborhood: Queen Anne
  • Lot Size: 5,946
  • Zoning: LR3
  • Unit Type: Townhomes
  • Unit Count: 5
  • Square Footage: 8,600 sf
  • Typical Unit Size: 1,540 - 1,640 sf
  • Site Character: Urban infill with steep slope
  • Project Status: Under Construction