Yale Sawtooth

The primary mission of this urban infill project in Eastlake is to maximize the site’s stunning views toward Lake Union for all four units. The implementation of a “sawtooth” angle allows the units without street frontage to reach out and capture views toward the water. To ensure that each unit isn’t blocking views to the west for those behind it, stair towers are pulled to the east side of each unit, and the units step up with the natural topography of the site, using each opportunity to further connect with site and surroundings.

  • Neighborhood: Eastlake
  • Lot Size: 5,354 sf
  • Zoning: LR2
  • Unit Type: Townhomes
  • Unit Count: 4
  • Square Footage: 6,866 sf
  • Typical Unit Size: 1,750 sf
  • Site Character: Urban Infill
  • Project Status: Under Construction