Stone Way Mixed Use

Stone Way Studios is a new mixed-use apartment building which aims to anchor and activate a street corner where businesses have struggled to gain footing. The existing one-story structure with surface parking in front has been a gas station, butcher shop, and most recently a consignment store. The proposed 3-story structure is organized into two street facing masses: a lower brick level volume supports and slides under a 2-story metal-clad mass above. Along Stone Way, the overhang of the stories above provides continuous weather protection and spill-out spaces for the long commercial edge. At N 47th street, the mass above steps back allowing for 2nd level patios for these units and deftly avoiding the nearby high-voltage power lines. The building’s boomerang shape in plan provides a new green space in the rear. This terraced garden provides visual respite for units here and creates a precedent for the adjacent development parcels.

  • Neighborhood: Wallingford
  • Lot Size: 8,674 sf
  • Zoning: LR3
  • Unit Type: Mixed Use
  • Unit Count: 40
  • Square Footage: 23,630 sf
  • Typical Unit Size: 180-230 sf
  • Site Character: Corner lot, gentle slope
  • Project Status: In Progress