track 66

The block of NE 66th Street between Roosevelt Ave NE to the east and 8th Ave NE to the west is in a state of hyper transition. Several large 6-story apartment buildings have been built or are under construction, all anxious for the new light rail station 2 blocks away to open. track 66 is located on 2 mid-block parcels with different zoning designations. The parcel to the east is a commercial lot and allows structure heights up to 85’. The west parcel is a midrise residential lot with a lower maximum building height. The solution here is for a simply stacked seven-story structure that subtlety alludes to its zoning constraints and conceptually embraces the urban churn of this block.  Upper floors clad in vertical, blue metal siding panels and white soffits slide over levels below recalling the rogue wave Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa. This massing strategy allows street-facing units to get larger as you move up the building, while providing overhead weather protection for the Juliet balconies for units below.  This approach also lets the largest floor plate cap the building where a rooftop deck faces south and west, bolstered by a penthouse party room.

  • Neighborhood: Roosevelt
  • Lot Size: 7,725 sf
  • Zoning: MR, NC3P-85
  • Unit Type: SEDUs + Live Work Units
  • Unit Count: 75
  • Square Footage: 25,371 sf
  • Site Character: Mid-block, sloping
  • Project Status: UNDER CONSTRUCTION